Tons of Damage



Fucked Up Servers

So, I tried my luck at a Ranked game yesterday, on League of Legends.

Before anything else; we won, so this isn’t me trying to be dramatic about a loss.

But problems were apparent from before the start.

The que was slow, and dropped me twice while trying to find a game. That was a warning sign, right there.

When a game did come up, it would not let us ban champions (only the first one). Other bans were chosen randomly. At least the game was kind enough to ban pretty badass champions.

Moving forward, it wouldn’t let me choose a champion. “It is not your turn to choose”, it said. It ended up randomly giving me Mordekaiser, the Master of Nerf. You can tell I was overjoyed.

Game starts, and Sion goes “everyone at blue”. Everyone is just me and him. You can tell that team communication is going to be a problem.

Before the ancient golem has even spawned, Nocturne (trying to solo top) gets murdered by Gankplank. Celebration all around, especially from Sion.

To make a long story short, the game proceeds with more Nocturne deaths, for an early score of 1-6. Feeding, no team communication, an enraged player, and tons of LAG.

How did we ever win?

There are a few different types of players.

The cheeseburger: this is Nocturne, the guy that insists he will do something weird (like taking solo top from either Mordekaiser or Nasus) then proceeds to become food multiple times. Average Score: LOTSA DEATHS.

The baby: this is Gankplank, the guy who starts giving out orders and generally talking too much, then when things go wrong he uses the chat to curse, threaten, and generally show everyone how he’s had a bad childhood and can’t deal with issues. Often complains about killsteals. Average Score: 2-8-15.

The slowpoke: This one was me. I was lagging pretty badly throughout the entire game. Interestingly, there was a mirror image of me on the other team; our opponent Katarina also had lag. Though personally, I am against typing out your woes to the enemy team. Regardless, pretty much everyone had lag at certain points – more on this later. Average Score: DOES NOT UPDATE.

The mute: I love this guy. He doesn’t rant, he doesn’t try to give orders, he just plays the game. You aren’t really paying attention to what he does, but he’s probably doing better than anyone else. Average Score: 8-3-8.

The iceman: He’s cool. He doesn’t care what goes on; he will always insist that the game can be won. He’s not the best player on the team, but he’s above average, and he believes in the goal. This was our Nasus, going “We will win this” even though we were 10 kills and 2 towers behind. Average Score: Who cares, we’re going to win.

So how did we win?

It was solely on Nasus. His kill streak was far from awesome, but he was always trying for it. His chat messages worked to diminish Sion’s rants and bind us together. His build was weird, and yet he carried the game on his shoulders.

I want more players like that on my side.

But back to my rant for a bit; the servers suck. You can’t have a purely multiplayer game (and competitive, no less!) that lags this badly. Servers should be high up on Riot’s budget. Does anyone remember the European server before the split, how many months it took them to get rid of terrible, terrible lag?

I remember it, because I had stopped playing. I imagine others had, as well. It is a multiplayer game – without good servers, it’s not going anywhere.

It’s simple.

League of Legends

Yes, League of Legends…

This is the latest champion in the League, Volibear.

“Tons of damage!”

I suspect Phreak’s suggested builds are intentionally bad to seperate the pros from the rest.

Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Another great game I played recently.

I had no precious experience with Deus Ex at all; it didn’t seem to matter at all.

Most imortantly, I think I loved it so much because of the questions it raises. I have always enjoyed stories where there is no clear “good” and “evil”, but this one was a lot closer to my own experiences.

In reality, this is not a story about a hypothetical future. This is a story about us.

Awesome trailer follows.

I should point out that many of the choices in the game were easy ones for me. I consider this to be a good thing; despite the lack of an obvious “high moral ground” path, the game made me care enough to fight for my own choices from start to finish.

It probably helped that Adam is, perhaps, the only decent fellow in the entire game.


Omega Lithium – Stigmata


This game is awesome.

Not exactly Witcher-awesome, but pretty great in its own way. This time you are provided real “freedom”, even compared to Oblivion.

The setting is a lot more interesting as well. I was afraid the map might be boring, and it may look that way at first glance; but there is enough visual distinction between the territories, and the placement of mountains and roads is actually very strategic. It creates all these cliffs and narrow passings that Oblivion’s “patchwork map” was missing.

Combat could be better, especially things like dual-wielding (seriously, no block?) and dual-casting. And you can’t even wear two rings at the same time. I understand that the interface had to be “consoley”, but come on. Left-click equips a ring on the left hand, right-click on the right, done. Not that hard. *sigh* I miss the inventory screen and paper dolls of older titles.

I miss spellmaking as well. Probably saving it for an expansion or DLC. Greedy bastards.

Until then, playing a warrior and rocking it. Fighting with a shield is great, for the first time in my gaming history. Blocking a dragon’s fiery breath in first-person is like nothing I’ve experienced.

If you get a chance, buy this game.

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